Gymnastics Safety And Comfort Tips For Your Teen

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Gymnastics will provide your teen with a fun way to remain healthy. The following tips will reduce injuries and maintain your loved one's comfort level as they are practicing or competing.

Cushioned Mats Or Foam Pits

Whenever your child is executing a gymnastics exercise, they should be furnished with cushioned mats or foam pits. A padded landing spot will reduce strain on muscles and will provide impact resistance. Mats are usually placed under equipment, like a pair of uneven bars or a balance beam.

Foam pits are used as landing spots and may be set up near any equipment that a gymnast will be jumping down from. If your child will be practicing their gymnastics movements at home, invest in a leather mat that contains a foam inner layer. This type of mat is suitable for use with any type of floor exercise that your child will be performing.

Wrist Straps Or Hand Tape

Delicate skin along the wrists and palms can become blistered during an intense workout. Gymnastics exercises that will require your teen to manually grip a piece of equipment should only be performed when your child is either wearing wrist straps or a tape covering. Wrist straps are a product that you can purchase at the onset of your child's gymnastics training.

They should pack the straps with them during each practice meet or competition. If your child ever fails to bring a pair of wrist straps with them, their coach may recommend that tape is used to cover their hands. Your teen's coach will show them the proper type of tape to use and the correct way to cover their hands.

Stretching And A Healthy Diet

Your teen will be using many muscles during the course of their gymnast training. Their coach will likely lead each class with a stretching routine. If you are going to provide your loved one with a warmup area at home, encourage them to use the same stretching techniques that their coach has taught them. Stretching will minimize muscular imbalances while your teen is performing gymnastics movements. It will also minimize the risk of injury.

Make sure that your teen eats a healthy diet. Their coach may encourage them to maintain their weight throughout their training. Eating leafy greens, whole grains, fresh fruits, and lean proteins will provide the essential nutrients that your loved one needs to remain focused and energized. 

For more information about gymnastics, contact a local coach.