Purchase Basic Equipment For Your New Weight Room

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Do you want to improve your strength and tone up your body? A home gym will allow you to work out when you want and you won't need to worry about anyone observing you while doing so. If you are new to the fitness circuit and are transforming a garage or a den into a personal weightlifting room, start by investing in some basic weight room equipment that is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced lifters.

A Barbell And Dumbbells 

A barbell and dumbbells will be the main pieces of equipment needed to complete standard lifting exercises. A barbell is designed to hold large amounts of weight and two hands are used to lift steel or bumper plates. A set of dumbbells hold a smaller quantity of weight and one dumbbell needs to be grasped with one hand.

Exercises that involve working out a specific muscle on each arm can be performed separately or in unison by using each hand to grip one dumbbell. Dumbbells are also utilized for exercises that involve laying down or being slightly inclined. If you plan on purchasing an all-in-one exercise unit that contains a bench press, you will find that a set of dumbbells comes in handy during the majority of your routine.

Free Weights

Free weights consist of metal plates or ones that contain a rubber surface. The plates need to be secured to a barbell prior to beginning a set of lifts. Plates should always be stored on some type of rack, since they can be quite heavy and could be a tripping hazard.

Additionally, since lifting a lot of weight on your own can be dangerous, especially if you overextend yourself or incorrectly think that your body can handle a certain number of repetitions, you should have someone spot you if you plan on using weights that are not secured to a piece of fitness equipment.

A Fitness Power Rack

A power rack will pretty much allow you to perform whichever exercises you prefer without relying on someone to spot you. Grooves that are part of the design of a rack will assist with storing your barbell and catching it during an active lift session. For instance, if you begin lifting and find that the amount of weight is too difficult for you to handle, you won't need to worry about the weight slipping downward and causing you to become injured.

You can adjust the barbell so that it is holding less weight. A pull-up bar, leg press, and upper body press are some additional features that a power rack may include. There is also a storage spot for plates and free weights, which will eliminate you from needing to purchase a rack for any of your weightlifting accessories.