Ensure That These Things Are In Your Carry-On Bag If You Plan To Visit An Airport Gym

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When you're in the routine of taking a fitness class at a local gym, you likely have your routine down. You might visit the center first in the morning, and then run home and shower before you go to work. Or, you might even take a class over your lunch break and shower at the gym before returning to the office. If you're going to be doing some air travel and have the fortune of visiting a large airport that has a gym, taking a fitness class during a layover may appeal to you. If so, you'll need to pack your carry-on bag carefully.

Workout Attire

You definitely don't want to work up a sweat during a fitness class at the airport gym and then hurry to catch your flight. In addition to perhaps annoying those around you because of how you smell, sitting in damp clothing for the duration of your flight isn't comfortable. You'll want to make sure that you have workout attire in your carry-on bag; remember not to put it in your big suitcase if you check your luggage. Airport gyms have lockers that you can use to store your street clothing while you work out. You'll also want to pack a plastic bag to store your used workout attire so that it doesn't get other items in your carry-on bag wet.


Some people pack their toiletries in their checked suitcase, but you'll want to keep some essentials in your carry-on luggage if you intend to work out at the airport gym. Deodorant, makeup, hair products, and any other items that you need to feel clean and fresh will all come in handy at the conclusion of your fitness class. There's nothing wrong with going makeup free for the rest of your travel day, and simply doing your makeup once you get to your destination.

Fitness Tracker

If you're someone who uses a fitness tracker to monitor your steps and other fitness-related metrics, don't forget to place it in your carry-on bag. While you might think about leaving it at home if you don't immediately anticipate having lots of workout time on your trip, you'll want to be able to wear it during your fitness class at the airport gym. By ensuring that you have these items, you'll feel comfortable and confident taking part in the fitness classes and then catching your connecting flight en route to your destination.