3 Myths About Pregnancy And Exercise

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Once you have found out that you are pregnant, you start to consider all the little things in your routine that you need to change. For example, your caffeine consumption, eating lunch meats, and changing the cat litter. However, what about your exercise routine? While there may be some changes you need to make, you don't need to stop altogether despite what many people may think. Here are three myths about pregnancy and exercise to know:

Exercise Can Cause Miscarriage: 

In many cases, exercise during pregnancy does not cause miscarriage. In fact, exercise is more likely to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy during the pregnancy and you deliver at full term instead of pre-term. The only time exercise could be a problem is if your doctor has told you so. In this case, you will have already been ordered to be on bed rest. It's at this point that you know exercise isn't healthy in your case. 

Your Heart Rate Shouldn't Increase: 

At some point during your pregnancy, your heart rate is going to increase whether you exercise or not. This is because, at some point, your body is going to have to move whether it be from walking, cooking, or even getting up and down from the couch. There's nothing wrong with your heart rate changing and it won't cause problems with the baby. The only reason women worry about a changing heart rate is because of the higher chance of fainting during pregnancy. To prevent this while exercising, it's best to listen to your body, drink enough water, and always take breaks when you feel they are needed instead of continuing to push yourself. 

You Can't Exercise if You Didn't Exercise Before: 

If you weren't participating in any exercise before your pregnancy, you definitely don't want to jump into an intense workout routine once you are pregnant. However, it doesn't mean that you can't start a workout routine that is beneficial for pregnancy. At this point, hiring a personal prenatal trainer is the best way to transition into an exercise routine that is healthy for you and your baby. Many of these plans will include leg and back strength exercises, which is good for preparing for labor, as well as hip opening stretches. Contact companies like Halevy Life for more information.

When you know the truth behind these three common misconceptions about exercise during pregnancy, you can see why avoiding it isn't something that you have to do.