Weight Loss Tips Your Trainer Won't Tell You

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Losing weight is one of the hardest things for anyone to do, but the good news is that it is doable. People lose weight every day, and you can healthily lose up to two pounds each week. In order to do that, you need to be proactive every day in order to successfully lose weight. Follow these tips that your trainer won't tell you.

New Hobbies Kick Things Off

Few people list "eating" as a hobby, but overeating can consume a lot of time and energy. In order to give it up without fixating on old bad habits, get your mind focused on something else. Commit to trying the new hobby at least a couple of times per week for a month.

A new hobby can be anything constructive from learning how to play the guitar to taking a fencing class to hiking. If it's physically active, that's ideal since it will help your fitness and weight loss goals at the same time as it gets your mind off food.

The Buddy System Isn't Just for Kids

You probably gained weight from eating alone at least some of the time. When it comes to dropping those pounds, however, you don't have to go it alone. In fact, losing weight with a buddy can even help you shed more pounds. If you don't know anybody who wants to join you in your weight loss adventure, you may look on sites like Craigslist and fitness message boards to find a in-person or online weight loss buddy who can help you and encourage you every step of the way.

Consistency is What Counts

Sure, counting calories is important, and exercising is the way to get and stay fit. However, neither of these essential components to weight loss will mean a thing if you are not consistent. Therefore, the trick is to finding things that you can be consistent with. Here are some ways to implement better habits into your lifestyle that can result in major weight loss over time.

  • Keep trying different forms of exercise until you find something you really love.
  • Give yourself a non-food reward every day that you exercise and eat well. 
  • If you are struggling, go to a support group meeting or see a therapist to help you figure out how to best take care of yourself. 

Finally, keep in mind that the most important part of weight loss is developing good habits that you can stick with over time. Losing weight boils down to burning off more calories than you consume, and the way to do that is to get moving and get interested in lots of things beyond what's on your plate.